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Debit Card FAQs

What should I do if my card has been lost or stolen?

Immediately contact the lost or stolen card center at 800-554-8969 and Vision Bank-Texas at 972-470-1500. It is important to report this as soon as possible to reduce the risk of any potential fraudulent activity.

What happens if someone steals my MasterCard Debit card and uses it fraudulently?

Please contact a personal banker to dispute the fraudulent charges.

What is my purchasing limit?

Your daily purchasing limit for personal and business is $500.

What is my ATM limit?

Your daily ATM limit for personal is $500 and $300 for business.

What is the purpose of the standard limit?

Due to increase fraudulent activity, we have decided to set the debit card limits to $500 to protect from any potential fraudulent activity.

Can I use my debit card outside the country?

Yes, but you have to call us ahead of time and let us know your travel dates and destination.

Is there a charge if I use my debit card outside the US?

No fee is charged by Vision Bank-Texas; however, you will most likely incur a fee from the merchant or ATM you use. Keep in mind ATM fees incurred outside the US are not refunded.

Do I need to notify the bank if I'm traveling domestically?

Yes. Transactions that occur outside your normal activity area may be flagged as possible fraud. To prevent this, simply call us ahead of time and provide your travel dates and destination.

How can I reset my PIN?

To rest your PIN, simply visit our branch from 9am-4pm, M-F, and a customer service representative will assist you.

How do I get a replacement card? And is there a charge?

To order a replacement, please contact a personal banker for assistance. A fee of $3 will be debited from your account at the time of the reorder.