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Dual Control

Vision Bank-Texas Dual Control adds another layer of security to your company's Business Online profile. Once activated, Dual Control will require approval for specified transactions (e.g. Internal Transfers, Wire Transfers, ACH Transactions) performed through Business Online Banking by all users, including System Administrators.

Dual Control is available for all of your accounts and applicable services, and it is provided at no cost to you.

  • Enforce your company's internal controls by requiring approval on all transactions submitted via Vision Bank-Texas Online Banking.
  • Promote Security and reduce the risk of fraud (internal and external) by requiring two different users touch each transaction.
  • Decrease errors by having another user review transactions before they are submitted for processing.
  • Give multiple authorized users the ability to approve transactions, ensuring that your company can process transactions without interruption while users are out of the office.

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Contact your banker to establish Dual Control for your Business Online Banking.

For more information on how to safeguard yourself against fraudulent activity, visit our Security Center.