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Lockbox Services

Eliminate two time-consuming tasks with one simple service. Lockbox services take incoming mail receipts and deposits them directly to your account before they would even reach your office, let alone when you'd get them to the bank.

Replace the need to designate staff to process incoming mail and to deliver the deposit — in one fell swoop. Plus, lockbox services offers scanned imaged copies of your deposits, ensuring detailed record keeping and document backups — all at a low competitive fee.

  • Incoming mail receipts are directly deposited to your account
  • Same day notification of receipts:
  • Copies of the checks, accompanying envelopes, statements, and contents can be mailed at a minimum charge
  • Or you can receive a fax or email of the deposited check copies
  • Improve cash flow
  • Free up resources; reduce clerical time and effort
  • Eliminates delayed deposits
  • Strengthens audit control
  • Provides timely deposit information