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Positive Pay

Be positive about what you're paying by utilizing this check fraud prevention service. Positive pay provides peace of mind by stopping potential fraudulent activity dead in its tracks before it can even occur.

With this service, you submit an electronic file to the bank detailing the checks you've written, and we compare that information to check processed for payment. Anything items that do not match the information you provided are marked as an exception. You are notified by email of any exception items and then you decide whether the item should be paid or returned. By monitoring check activity, your company and help reduce losses by identifying fraudulent activity or errors before checks are paid.

  • Eliminate check fraud against your business and boost your confidence
  • Catches fraudulent activity before it happens
  • Transactions thoroughly checked against a supplied record of issued checks
  • Questionable checks flagged for your review
  • Suspicious activity automatically brought to your attention
  • Simple, yet effective process
  • Timely check return

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